Introducing Moviestorm FirstStage

With FirstStage, you can quickly sketch out scenes starting from a stage or environment of your choice. You can place characters and bring them to life with body & facial performances or by posing and animating them. You can sketch scenery and place props. You can set up cameras and behaviours. You can setup lighting and VFX.

FirstStage makes it easy to iterate, experimment, try out ideas and refine the scene until you're happy with it. The timeline and script help you manage what happens when. You can undo/redo everything you do right back to the start of your session.

And you can do all this and much more collaboratively with colleagues sharing the same virtual space.

FirstStage has many uses from previzing a cinematic or theatre production to building a detailed interactive experience for education and training as well as entertainment.

FirstStage is principally a virtual-reality application as working with virtual spaces and objects is much more natual in virtual-reality than on a flat screen. VR makes it much easier to see and manipulate objects. We naturally know how to reach out and grab something, we don't need to learn how to orient the screen and how to use the gizmos to move it. This natural user interface is what makes FirstStage so fast and powerful and puts the creators in control.

Of course any tool has some learning curve and this documentation aims to make that easy.

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