Release 32

R32 is our first General Access release! 27th March 2023

As well as many bug fixes across all features, here are the main changes:


FirstStage now has comprehensive documentation! We have rewritten and re-organised the old docs which were written during development and were often out of date.

This is an ongoing effort of course, so please let us know where things are missing, out of date or just confusing!


  • Cameras now support attach and follow behaviours with control over the damping to allow tighter or looser tracking.

  • The look behaviour of cameras now has a similar control (Slack) over how quickly the camera tracks when the target moves.

  • The Through The Lens control room has an improved control panel to manage follow and look behaviours.

  • The TTL room also has a list of all cameras in the scene allowing you to switch between cameras without leaving the room.

Asset Library


  • With the Sketcher, you can no longer accidentally draw a path with crossing edges which would produce broken geometry.

  • Cutting faces is much more robust with the Sketcher.

  • The Lathe, Cylinder Section, and Sphere Section now have inspectable properties to control level of detail.


The Waldo has been greatly improved:

  • You can now choose which set of axes the Waldo moves along: world, target or local.

  • You can set the linear and angular snaps directly from the Waldo.

  • You can move the Waldo to a more comfortable position.


  • Undo/Redo now have more informative descriptions for edits.

  • You can now use a voice command "screenshot" or "screengrab" to grab a screenshot while in VR. (Requires Windows Voice Recognition.)

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