Working with Things

Whenever you grab an asset from the Asset Library and place it on set you create a new Thing. (We call them 'things' to distinguish from the many other types of 'objects' around.)

A stage may include things already placed: typically set dressing, furniture etc.

We can pick things up with the Grabber (remote or proximity) and move them. This is a very fast way of laying out a set but it is not the most precise. You can also use the movement handles or the waldo.

We can also multiply select, copy and delete things.

Inspect Menu

If you point at a thing and press and hold the Inspect button (Vive Menu button or Index/Oculus B button), the Inspect Wheel Menu will show. This has the following actions (depending on the properties of the thing):

Hide Handles

Hide any handles showing.

Movement Handles

Show the movement handles.


Show the Waldo: remote controls for moving a thing.


Show the handle for attaching this to something else.

Start Motion

Create a keyframe to start a motion path animation.

Reset Pose

Reset a character's pose to default.


Create a steer path for a character to follow.

Edit Shape

Edit a sketch or procedural shape.

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