Installing on Quest (Standalone)

Here we describe how to install FirstStage directly on an Oculus Quest (2, 3, or Pro) instead of running it on a PC via AirLink.


FirstStage is not on the Oculus store (yet), so you will also need the following:

  1. Sidequest running on a PC

  2. A Meta account with developer access

  3. The Meta Quest app running on a phone

  4. Developer mode enabled on your Quest

  5. Installation of the FirstStage software


This PC application is used to load FirstStage directly onto your headset.

From the link below, download the Advanced Installer:

Meta Account

You should already have a Meta account that you used to set up your Quest. You now need to make that a developer account.

If you start SideQuest and click on OPEN SETUP INSTRUCTIONS there is a HowTo for doing this (with a little video to help), or use the link below:

Meta Quest App

Now that you have developer status, open the Meta Quest app on your mobile phone: it should be easy to find on either the Apple or Android stores, and you may well have already installed it as part of setting up your Quest.

Click the Menu 'hamburger' icon to open the Menu screen

Click the Devices button and select your headset

Click the Settings icon to open Headset settings

Select Developer Mode from the list, and make sure the switch is on

Please note, Meta are constantly changing their user interface, so these instructions may not age very well!

As this point, restart your headset to activate developer mode Press and hold the power button on the right-hand side of your headset until you see the Power Off screen. Select Restart.

Installing FirstStage

(see Getting Started for help on how to install FirstStage)

Download FirstStage to your PC from here:

Connect your Quest to your PC using a USB 3.0 to USB C link cable, as this stage involves transferring a lot of data to your headset.

Put on your headset and you should see a permission request for the connected device to access files and enable debugging. Click on Allow.

To install FirstStage on your Quest, open SideQuest on your PC and click on the Install APK file from folder icon and then select the FirstStage.apk file from where you downloaded it.

Connect to your FirstStage account on your Quest

  • With FirstStage is installed on your Quest, put your headset on and go to the App Library (far right of the main menu bar).

  • Click on the Search Apps field at the top.

  • Click on the dropdown (in the top right) showing All and select Unknown Sources.

  • You should see FirstStage in the list: click on FirstStage to start.

You will now need to login using your FirstStage user account.

At this point, FirstStage will start to download all the asset bundles required to support your scenes, before you end up in the FirstStage Office, where you can select a Scene.


Standalone Quest devices are nowhere near as powerful as a typical PC, so the graphical quality may not seem as high fidelity as when using a PC Link. For example, lighting is much more limited.

However, FirstStage has been optimised for the Quest and works well. If you are careful with how many assets you use, and their complexity, you can make very effective scenes.

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