Asset Tagging

The FirstStage Asset Tagging template has been created to provide a structured set of tags that can be applied to any asset, to allow them to be more easily found in FirstStage’s Asset Browser. This is not a definitive taxonomy, just a guide.

To use it as a guide, select a top level category, then add tags for each appropriate term within that category.


Accessory Backdrop Building Clothing Decorative Door Electric Equipment Fabric Fitting Fixture Food Furniture Kitchenware Light Non-food items Pot plant Sanitaryware Shape Storage Street Structure Tableware Tool Weapon Window


Male Female Robot Monster


Amphibians Birds Fish Insects Invertibrates Mammals Reptiles Shellfish Spiders & Arachnids


Climber Flower Grass Moss & Lichen Plant Stone Tree Water Wood


Landcraft Seacraft Aircraft Spacecraft

You can also add tags for other areas that could help you find assets


Camera Fire Gobo Light Machine Shape Texture Water Weather


Agricultural Bathroom Bedroom Civic Garden Industrial Kitchen Military Office Religious Retail Rural School Scientific Sea Space Suburban Urban


Cartoon Fantasy Horror Sci Fi Sport Theatre TV Show War Western

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