The Animator tool has two functions:

  • the radial menu provides transport controls to control playback as an alternative to using the point & click controls on the WristPad.

  • use the trigger to grab things and animate them.


You can animate something by pointing at it and pulling the trigger to grab it.

A confirmation timer will show before recording of the animation starts.

You can then move the thing with your hand: it will follow as if on a tight spring which helps reduce hand jitter and results in a cleaner motion.

Release the trigger to finish the animation. Recording will stop and a new activity will appear on the timeline. Play back and it will now animate along the motion path created.

Radial Menu

  • Record / Pause toggle.

  • Rewind to start of scene.

  • Advance time by a beat (useful for pose to pose animation).

  • Jog / shuttle control: hold and twist wrist to play time forwards/backwards at any speed.

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