Projects are the top level organisation in FirstStage.

All of your projects are shown on the Projects panel in the Office. You can have multiple projects and each project can have a different set of collaborators.

Projects also own imported assets: an asset imported from Unity, or saved from within FirstStage must be assigned to one of your projects.

Creating a Project

When you first enter the Office, you will probably have no projects (unless you have been invited into one by someone else).

To create a new Project, press the Create button. A dialog panel will pop up inviting you to give it a name. In VR, you can type out the name with the virtual keyboard and the mallets at the end of your controllers. On the desktop you can use the normal keyboard.

Click the green tick to complete the creation of the Project. (And click the red cross if you want to bail on creating a project.)

Selecting a Project

To select a project, simply click on the Project name and the Project will open showing a list of the Scenes in the Project in the left hand column. The currently selected Scene is in the right hand column.

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