The Timeline shows all the Activities that describe how the scene plays out: performances, animation, automation etc.

The WristPad provides a view on the timeline as does the desktop and several other places.

The activities are organised into tracks by the thing the activities act upon.

Scrubbing Time

You can scrub time by dragging the background of the Timeline.

You can scroll to anywhere in time using the scrollbar along the top. The arrows at the ends of the scrollbar thumb allow you to scale the timeline.

You can also scrub time by using the thumbpad/stick while pointing at the timeline.


Every thing that has an activity will have a track on the timeline.

The track header (left hand column) shows the name of the thing. If you point at it, a menu will pop up with the following options:

  • open the Inspector on it.

  • teleport right next to it.

  • enable/disable all activities for it.

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