Motion Paths

Another way to navigate time is with motion paths: if you point at something that is animated, a stream of particles will appear and follow along the motion path. The particles will move at the same speed as the animated thing would move at that time.

The motion path will hide itself after a short while to avoid the scene getting too busy, but you can get it back by pointing at the thing again.

If you point at the motion path, a tag will highlight showing the time when the thing is at that position on the path.

You can scrub time by pulling the trigger to grab the path and then point at where on the path you want to scrub to. Everything else will also move to their positions at that time.

If you are pointing at a keyframe while scrubbing time, you can press the thumbpad/stick to Delete Keyframe.

If you use the Destroyer on a motion path, it will destroy the motion path and the associated animation activity.

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