Setting up a Quest headset

If you are using the Meta Quest 2/3/Pro headset, you will need to setup the link between the headset and the PC. There are two ways you can do this:

  • Steam Link which has been recently introduced by Valve to provide a better experience on the Quest.

  • Oculus PC Link which has been available for some time but in our experience does not behave as well. It's main advantage is that it can use a link cable as well as WiFi.

Requires 5G WiFi (Quest and PC should be on the same network). Adding a dedicated wifi adapter to your PC for use as a hotspot can help if you share you WiFi with other users.

  1. Install FirstStage on your PC.

  2. Install the Steam Link app on your Quest.

Once these are installed:

  1. Start the Steam VR app on your PC.

  2. Start the Steam Link app on your Quest. The first time it will give you instructions on how to connect to your PC.

  3. Start FirstStage on your PC.

  4. Put your headset on and you should be in FirstStage!

Requires either WiFi (5G preferred) or a Link Cable.

  1. Install FirstStage on your PC.

With everything ready to go, to run FirstStage on an Oculus you should:

  1. Connect your Oculus headset.

Start the Oculus app on your PC and put on your headset and you should see the virtual Meta browser infront of you.

Enter Quick Settings to set up Wi-Fi and your PC link Using your controllers, point at the Quick Settings area on the Task Bar, and click to enter Quick Settings.

Inside Quick Settings, click on the Wi-Fi panel to connect to the internet via your wi-fi.

Also, in Quick Settings, click on Oculus Air Link Use the Quest Link panel to connect to your PC.

  • If connecting with a PC Link cable already connected, you should see your PC already listed.

  • If connecting by Air Link, you will need to turn on the Air Link switch to see your PC listed.

Select your PC and click Launch.

You should be in a 'grey grid room' with a console in from of you.

  1. Now start FirstStage

This should automatically start up Steam, and you should arrive at the FirstStage login screen.

  • Login to go to the Projects screen and open a scene. Note - If there is an update required, you will need to agree to allow changes, before the patch is installed, before you are returned to the Login screen.

Tip - IF YOUR HEADSET GOES TO SLEEP DURING A SESSION, when you put the headset back on, you may need to Launch your AirLink again. Doing this may initially place you on stage, before the headset goes to the 'grey grid room' but without the console. To get back on stage in FirstStage, just take your headset off briefly, then put it back on.

More information

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