When you press the Inspect button, as well as opening the Inspect Menu, it will also select the thing or selection of things pointed at in the Inspector.



When locked, a thing cannot be moved or destroyed.


When physics is enabled, the thing will fall under gravity and react to collisions.


The mass of the thing determiness how it reacts to collisions. A heavy thing colliding with a light thing will only be deflected a small amount while the light thing will be deflected a lot.


How much something bounces when it hits something else.


The amount of friction when something is dragging against something else.

Walkable On

If a thing is walkable on, a character can walk on it - otherwise a character will walk through it.


If a thing is holdable, a performer can grab the thing when performing first-person.


Some things have materials that can hold images. If so, there will be an entry here.


Show Now

Hides the thing at start of time, and shows it now.


Shows the thing now.


Hides the thing now.

Record a note

Records a voice memo attached to the thing. Can be useful for informing other team members.

Renaming Things

If you point at the name of the thing, a couple of buttons will appear: the red cross simply removes the thing from the current selection; but the pencil allows you to rename the thing.

Pressing the rename button takes you to an inner space with a keyboard that you can use to type in a new name.

The form also appears on the desktop view of FirstStage allowing you to type with a real keyboard if you prefer.

Multiple Selection

You can also change properties for many things at once, by selecting them with the Selector: all things selected will show at the top of the screen and the common properties shared by everything in the selection can be changed.

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