Scenes are what FirstStage works with. A scene has a base stage on which things are placed. A number of stages are provided with FirstStage but more can imported for use in your projects. Examples of such stages include the Empty Stage (as its name suggests, a blank sheet for doing what you want) or the Theatre stage (a model of the Linz ToG theatre) or the Office and Police Station.

Creating a Scene

Click on the Create button to create a new Scene. A dialog panel will pop up inviting you to give the scene a name and to select the stage it will use.

Click the green tick to complete the creation of the scene. (Or click the red cross to cancel.) The stage will then be loaded and the new scene will be ready to work on.

Selecting a Scene

Click on a Scene in the list to select it. From the right hand panel, you can:

  • Enter the Scene to work on it.

  • Copy the Scene

  • Delete the Scene

Scene Comments

While working on a Scene, you and your colleagues can record comments including:

  • Voice memos (with transcript via dictation)

  • Camera snaphots

  • Scribble

These comments are shown in a panel for the selected scene in a “chat” fashion with each comment showing the timestamp and contributor’s name as well as the content.

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