The Viewfinder is a useful tool for getting a Director's eye on the scene. As well as selecting it via the Tool Wheel, you can also summon it by pointing your controller at your head and pressing the A or Menu button. You can also summon it directly from the Tool Wheel.

The Viewfinder screen shows what is through the lens and can create cameras with motion tracks.

Lens Controls

On the left hand side, there are three levers which allow you to adjust the focus, lens and aperture.

The depth-of-field blurring is a real-time approximation and will not give large bokeh.

Setting the Target

The camera will autofocus if it has a target. If you touch the trigger, it will set the target to whatever is at the centre of the screen. While continuing to touch the trigger, the target is held and you can then frame it so the target is anywhere in the field of view.

Creating a Camera

Click the trigger to create a camera from the current viewpoint. There will then be a camera in front of you.

You can also click & hold the trigger to record handheld camera motion. When you do, the scene will start recording and activities will play out. There is a small amount of smoothing but this is not a steadicam.


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