Cutting Faces

You can divide faces and create extrusions, indents and holes inside faces.

Note - Lines being drawn on faces are red. Lines drawn on faces are blue. Lines being manipulated on faces appear as orange.

  1. Press the Menu button and select the Sketcher tool Note - If your 3d sketch already exists, point at it and press the ThumbPad and select Edit Shape to reveal manipulatable edges.

  2. Tap the Grip button to toggle Snap on or off, as preferred. Note - FirstStage defaults to Grid Snap On.

Divide a face and create a ridge

  1. Point at the edge of a 3d sketch and click the Trigger to start drawing a line from one edge across a face to an opposite edge. Click the Trigger to complete the line. Tip - Toggle Snap On to easily connect with an edge.

  2. Proximity grab the new subdividing line and manipulate to create a ridge.

Cut a shape in a face and create an indent or extrusion Note - The shape created must not touch the edge of a face at any point.

  1. Point away from an edge of a 3d sketch and click the Trigger to start drawing a shape within a face. Point and click the Trigger to create vertices as required, then close the shape to complete it. Tip - Toggle Snap Off to avoid snapping to an edge, as you cannot extrude a shape that touches an edge.

  2. Grab the new shape and press and hold the Trigger and up on the Thumbpad and push in to indent and pull out to extrude. You can create a hole in the shape, if you push all the way through to the other side of the shape is hole also fits within one face on the other side.

  3. Press and hold the Grip button at the same time to move the face laterally as well.

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