Painting with Materials

Most things in FirstStage are constructed from triangle meshes. Each mesh can have its own material and depending on how a thing is constructed it might have just the one material or many.

Some meshes respond to materials better than others. Much depends on the quality of the uv mapping of the mesh when the original model was created.

Material painting works particularly well on sketches.

The Paint Roller tool lets you replace a material effectively painting in a flood fill style. Unlike the core tools, you won't find the Paint Roller on the Tools Wheel Menu.

Go to the Materials palette on the WristPad and click on one of the material balls: you will now be holding the Paint Roller with that material on the brush. The left hand column shows a list of tags: click on one to select materials with that tag. At the bottom of that list is a switch that lets you choose between spheres or cubes for demonstrating the materials.

Point the Paint Roller at a thing and click the trigger to paint it with that material.

Plain Color allows you to choose a color from a palette along with the gloss and metallic/plasticness of the material. On the right is a list of saved colors and you can save the current material to the list with the + button.

The eyedropper tool is another special tool that lets you pick a color from any other thing by pointing at it and clicking .

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