Using FirstStage on the Desktop

Working in 3D is much easier in virtual reality than on a flat screen. However there are some functions which work just as well (or even better) on a flat screen that in virtual reality.

FirstStage provides a Desktop interface for these that uses conventional idioms.

The top bar of the desktop view has the following elements (left to right):

  • Back button to return to the Office and change scene.

  • Scene name / Project name

  • Menu button to show the functions available on the desktop.

  • Show/Hide button to show and hide the desktop panels (allowing you to see the VR view as spectator)

The bottom bar on the desktop is a set of transport controls.

Desktop Panels

This lets you do a 'live' style linear mix of the cameras to a single master track which can then be exported for editing in a full non-linear video editor.

Presents the activities on the timeline in a linear view similarly to that on the WristPad, but with more space to work.

Presents the activities on the timeline in a vertical view as a script.

Motion Capture

Provides desktop control over mocap. Useful for a performance director. Also, the primary interface for facial mocap.

A desktop view of the Collaboration screen which helps your team communicate during a session.

Individual panels can be resized by grabbing and dragging their borders in a familiar way. You can hide a panel by clicking on the cross top right.

Keyboard shortcuts



Cycle next spectator view








Play/Pause toggle

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