Set up Unity

Moviestorm FirstStage is built on the Unity Game Engine. As a result, all asset imports are organised using the Unity Editor.

Install Unity

FirstStage uses the 2022 (LTS) version of the Unity engine. The easiest way to locate that version is via the Unity Hub.

Install the Unity Hub

The Unity Hub is a management tool that allows you to manage all of your Unity projects and installations, and to manage multiple installations of the Unity Editor along with their associated components, in order to create new Projects, and open existing Projects.

  • Go to the Unity Hub webpage

  • Click on the Download Unity Hub button and follow the installation instructions

  • At the end of installation, run the Unity Hub (you will also be able to launch it from your Start Menu/Unity Hub)

Sign in to Unity with your Unity ID

In order to use the Hub, you will need to create an account with Unity if you do not already have one.

  • Click on the Unity ID profile icon and select Sign in

  • Fill out the form and click the Sign in button If you do not have a Unity ID …

  • Click on the link in ‘If you don't have a Unity ID, please create one.’

  • Fill out the form details as instructed and click on the Create a Unity ID button, then Sign in

Install Unity version 2022.2.18f1

  1. Select the Installs section and click the Add button to launch the ‘Add Unity Version’ pop up

  2. Select ‘Unity 2022.2.18f1 (LTS)’ in the list of Latest Official Releases and click Next

  3. Click Done

NB - No additional modules are required, but we recommend that you keep the default selected ‘Documentation’ module.

This will start downloading and installing Unity onto your PC.

NB - If you had already installed Unity you can skip most of these steps but make sure you do have the right version of Unity installed.

You should now have an entry for ‘Asset Importer’ under your Projects. In the Unity Version column, select the version we just installed (it will be the only one unless you have previous versions of Unity installed) to launch it.

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