Setup the FirstStage Asset Importer project in Unity

The FirstStage Asset importer project will provide tools to prepare and commit assets, scenes and characters to the FirstStage Repository

Prepare the FirstStage Asset Importer project

  1. Unzip this into a suitable local location.

We would NOT recommend selecting a network drive as there is a lot of data to read, or in a cloud sync’d area such as G-Drive.

Add the Asset Importer project to Unity

This will simplify adding assets to local or cloud based FirstStage projects

  • Go back to the Unity Hub and select the Projects section and click the Add button

  • Navigate to where you unzipped the Asset Importer project and select that folder.

  • Now that the Asset Importer is in the Projects list, click on it to start the Unity Editor.

You should now have an entry for ‘Asset Importer’ under your Projects. In the Unity Version column, select the version we just installed (it will be the only one unless you have previous versions of Unity installed) to launch it.

Updating the Asset Importer project in Unity

The only files that need to be kept are inside the Assets folder inside the installed Asset Importer folder

  1. Unzip this into the same folder as your existing Asset Importer folder and give it a different name, e.g. Asset Importer DDMMYY

  2. Copy the Assets folder from inside the old Asset Importer folder over the Assets folder in the new Asset Importer DDMMYY folder, and KEEP any existing files (i.e. skip replacing)

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