Video Streaming from VR

Though the cost of VR kit is reducing, there will always be a need for others without the kit to be able to share what is created, to comment or approve, or just simply to observe. The most basic of these is to be able to hold a shared video conference and provide a FirstStage feed for the attendees to review.

As the FirstStage VR view runs in a desktop window whilst you are using it, you can simple ‘share’ that window and use the headset earphones and microphone feed.

This is highly effective as a means to:

  • Share ideas and review creations

  • Give remote stakeholders with no VR capability a tour of your production

It also means that your webcam remain operational, so you can be seen using FirstStage as well as what you are doing in it, making for effective communication.

It will work with any video conferencing solution that supports shared screen, which is pretty much all of them!

How to set up a live VR feed

  1. Start FirstStage.

  2. Start your video conferencing tool and select the FirstStage desktop window as your shared screen

… It is as simple as that!


Depending upon your system, video conferencing tools can suffer from a low frame rate. To avoid this:

  • Try installing OBS Studio (a free and open source video recording and live streaming software). Create a select a Window Capture of the FirstStage application in Sources (which should then show FirstStage window in the preview panel), then click Start Virtual Camera. Choose the OBS Virtual Camera as your video source in your video conferencing software. Note - You may need to switch on Computer Sound to hear what is happening on set in FirstStage

If users do not like the 1st person perspective, you can press Tab whilst the FirstStage window is selected, to cycle between that and an over-shoulder 3rd person perspective.

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