Painting with the Airbrush

You can do detailed painting with the Airbrush on sketches.

EXPERIMENTAL! The Airbrush only works on sketches on faces that have not been painted with a material. It does not yet work with imported models. Paintings with too many brush strokes may cause FirstStage to slow down. We intend to improve this in a later release.

Go to the Paint palette on the WristPad and click on the ink pad: you will then have the Airbrush in your hand loaded with that color ink.

The main panel lets you choose a color by pointing and clicking (or hold & drag to continuously change the color). By default it shows a spectrum with hue left/right and saturation up/down. You can change brightness with the vertical slider next to it.

You can change the type of spectrum by clicking the R, G, B, H, S, V buttons to select which has the slider and which are in the panel.

The eyedropper tool is another special tool that lets you pick a color from any other thing by pointing at it and clicking .

The right hand column shows saved colors and you can save the current color by clicking on the + button.

Point at a face on a sketch (that hasn't had a material painted on) and you'll see a circle around the end of your beam which shows the size of your brush.

Pull the trigger to paint the face: the density of the paint varies depending on how much you squeeze the trigger.

You can increase or decrease the brush size by using the thumbpad or thumbstick.

You can change between different brush patterns by going to the Brushes tab on the Paint palette.

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