Task Checklist

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Task Checklists are a spatial dialog panel with a list of tasks: players must complete each task on the checklist before proceeding.

You can find a new Task Checklist in the Asset Library under Interactive, Trigger.

Once you have placed a checklist in the scene, you can edit it by clicking the pencil icon:

  • Change the title text

  • Add tasks

For each task, you will need to mark it complete as a consequence of some other script event:

  1. Cue that event so it is the active script container at the top of the Timeline.

  2. Click on the corresponding task in the checklist: this item should now have a tick to its left.

  3. On the Timeline you should see an activity for the checklist which completes the chosen task.

The Task Checklist is itself a trigger: click on its Cue button to activate its event as the current script container. Any new activities will be triggered when the player has completed all tasks in the checklist.

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