Running a Workshop

If you wish to invite new users into FirstStage to collaborate in real time on stage in VR, we would advise the following preparation:

All attendees will need a compatible VR set up to collaborate on stage, though anyone that does not have access can follow events via a shared video stream from VR.

  1. Get any attendees to register on the FirstStage website. Go to and click Sign Up, then complete the form. You will be sent an email confirmation before the account is live.

  2. Share your exact chosen 'Username' with whoever owns the Project that you will be joining, so that they can invite you the Project, and through that access to join on stage.

Tip - Due to firewalls and other external issues, it can also be advised to test collaboration in advance of the event using 2.

Tip - If this is the first time, we would recommend that you start the event on a video conference call in order to assemble prior to the event, as once inside FirstStage, there is currently no 'Request Access' functionality to alert users inside that someone else is wanting to get in.

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