Release 34

23rd Jan 2024

Quest Standalone Early Access

FirstStage is now available on the Quest 2/3/Pro running Standalone, i.e., without needing a PC to drive it.

To start with, this is available as a sideload via SideQuest but we will be launching on the Meta store soon

Installing on Quest (Standalone)

A Quest running standalone is nowhere near as powerful as a typical PC, so the graphical quality may not seem as high fidelity as when using a PC Link. For example, lighting is much more limited.

However, FirstStage has been optimised for the Quest and works well. If you are careful with how many assets you use, and their complexity, you can make very effective scenes.

Improved Asset Downloads

Previously, FirstStage would download all asset bundles on startup. This could lead to a long wait when first starting FirstStage and when bundles were updated.

Asset bundles are now downloaded on demand. They are also unpacked after download for faster scene loads.

These bundles are now hosted on Amazon's S3 service so should download significantly faster than before.

When loading a scene that uses assets that have not been downloaded yet, you will see a progress message in the

In the Asset Library, if an asset has not been downloaded yet, you will see a placeholder with a message showing the progress in downloading and unpacking.

Palettes such as Materials will also show a placeholder with a progress message if the asset has not yet been downloaded.

New Interaction Assets

Place To Trigger expects a particular thing to placed on it when it will trigger the branch.

Task Checklist shows a list of tasks which all must be completed before the branch is triggered.

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